Day - Ultimate lead generator

Get hottest highest churn leads for your business
What kind of leads we provide?
  • They are fresh
    You get leads who contacted customer support few minutes ago.
  • High churn
    We 100% know, person contacted customer support for current plan cancelation or disagreement with service provider price.
  • No competition
    Lead you see in your account only visible to you, you have no competition to convert them.
  • Highest conversion
    Our clients have conversion rate up to 15%, this is highest value in the industry.
Where our leads from?
We help people reach customer support without waiting on hold every day with our Day web app, after we analyse intent of the call and provide this information to you so you can reach out these people and convert them.
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How It Works
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We onboard every customer to our system so you get maximum efficiency from leads you get
Choose niche
You can choose calls from specific niche, industry or even specific companies you want to get
Begin receiving leads
Once everything is set up, leads start dripping into your account so you can convert them right away while they are still hot
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